About Our Company

Traction Mx is a rider owned company, So we are always innovating and updating products to suit your riding needs. I started making seat covers about 10 years ago starting with one for myself. A few local racers saw the seat cover and asked where I had bought it from. When I told them I made it they were in disbelief, friends and racers pushed me toward starting a business. I started making some total custom gripper covers for my close friends and various racers. Then the Buzz started, my personal cell phone started ringing, At that moment , I made it a point to focus on designing and making the best looking and performing seat covers on the market. All our products are designed and made in house in the U.S.A with pride.
Each of our gripper seat covers are hand-crafted and individually made for each customer. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail on each cover
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